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December 15, 2016

PRESS RELEASE: Millions of Alabama Jobs at Risk in the Economy of the Future

Press Release: Millions of Jobs at Risk

Advances in robotics and artificial intelligence are creating a massive paradigm shift

Birmingham, AL

Futureproof Bama was formed to ensure education and innovation are the driving forces as the State of Alabama stares down a massive paradigm shift where up to a million jobs will be lost to robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) driven autonomy.

“The speed of technological innovations in robotics and AI is truly exciting,” said Futureproof Bama founder and technological futurist, Taylor Phillips. “People are already being displaced by robots and computers in many areas. As more innovations become mainstream, a million or more Alabama citizens could lose their jobs. This workforce crisis will only show its head if Alabama is not ready to adapt to how jobs will exist in the future.”

Our mission, “Educate. Innovate. Keep Alabama Working.,” is key to helping Alabama get ready for the future. All three pieces will be needed to keep Alabama economically competitive and gainfully employed in the future.

-Taylor Phillips (Founder)

“It is important that we as a state join to find a solution in balancing what is best for business and what is best for workers and I believe the key is to be the first to innovate.” Phillips added, “Generations of Alabamians are at risk, and almost no industry is safe from this technological displacement. We must take control of our economic future as a state or get left behind.”

Futureproof Bama will host its first community Meetup in Birmingham on January 4, 2017. All interested parties are invited to join us as we seek to Futureproof Alabama.

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