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January 9, 2017

Birmingham Meetup Recap: Jan 4th 2017

Futureproof Bama Meetup Recap

Last week was a very momentous time for our organization. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, I would like to say that it was one of the most critical weeks we may have for a while. In one weeks time, we became an official legal entity, and we had our first meetup at Fetch Talent in Birmingham.  If you are not a member of our Meetup group, join here…

I would like to begin this week’s recap off by giving a big thank you to everyone we had contact with at Fetch, Drew, Jason, and Chase. Thank you for contacting us and hosting our first Meetup. Learn more about Fetch at

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Now for the recap:

We discussed the motivation and influences behind the nonprofit side of Futureproof Bama and why it will become increasingly necessary to address the future workforce crisis head on rather than catching it when it comes in ten to fifteen years.

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We also talked about how the meetup group and nonprofit will work together. Rather than treat them as the same entity, I think it will increase the effectiveness of the Meetups if we can use it as an idea generator for the nonprofit. I look forward to the ideas that will come out of this relationship.

Lastly, the floor opened to the group, and we pounded through lots of great ideas. The ideas ranged from… assisting other nonprofits to increase effective communication via best-practice wiki, differences between digital/computer literacy and coding literacy, effective ways to promote coding literacy to rural areas of Alabama, ways to bring new jobs to Alabama by investing in new technology, and how to use the great ideas from other organizations so as not to reinvent the wheel.

I am looking forward to Futureproofing the State of Alabama. It is because of people like the Fetch team and everyone who attended the event, which we can get it started. We are looking forward to a great 2017 and the beginning of our futureproofing effort.


In a last second decision, we decided to test Facebook Live as a method for Live Streaming the Meetup. Sound quality and video quality are not great, but we have a plan for next time.