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December 17, 2016

Announcing a Public Futureproof Bama Slack Team

futureproof bama loves slack

I love Slack and want to share it with you!

Since its open beta, Slack has been getting great press when it comes to teams working together, especially those that are remote. When teams can communicate openly and freely, it helps build momentum for getting big things done.

Starting today, Futureproof Bama will open a public Slack channel for ANYONE that is interested in participating in Futureproofing Alabama.

This could include but is not limited to…

  • (Potential) Volunteers
  • Interested donors
  • Nosey people
  • People with great ideas
  • People with terrible ideas…
  • Concerned citizens
  • Media members

Benefits for signing up can range from…

  • Immediate communications with the Futureproof Bama team. (Includes Video and Voice chat)
  • Be the first to know about events and projects.
  • Help plan future Futureproof Bama events.
  • Work with like-minded Alabamians to solve problems and learn about the latest Alabama innovations.

Slack showing off its new video chat.

We look forward to having you sign up and are excited to welcome ANYONE who cares about making the State of Alabama futureproof.

Use the form below to sign up…

After you apply to join, check out some of Slack’s how-tos on Slack’s site.