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December 9, 2016

Does a New York robot complete your job better than you do?

mason robot

More and more jobs can be completed autonomously by robots.

Recently, Construction Robotics, a company out of New York has developed a semi-autonomous masonry robot, tasked solely to lay bricks. The video claims that this robot can place almost 3,000 bricks in a single day compared 250-500 bricks by a human hand.

While the output number from the human could be debated, what isn’t as debatable is that the autonomous robots that were once “confined” to an assembly line factory are now being developed to break out of that factory and enter the workforce.

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If this is where we are now, just image what the world will look like in 10-15 years!

A key to futureproofing the state of Alabama will be to bring innovators in the robotics space to the state. Work that the Alabama Robotics Technology Park (Huntsville) is actively engaged in accomplishing.

The Robotics Technology Park’s mission is to provide a technically trained, highly skilled, and educated workforce for automation and robotics, to assist public and private entities in developing new robotics systems and technologies, and to promote the creation, growth, or expansion of companies through innovative technology solutions.

The Robotics Technology Park also offers classes, that are meant to educate and train prospective job-seekers interested in entering the new workforce.

My question to you is this (please comment below)…

Where can you identify jobs that will be created by the brick laying robot? Is it a job of the future or could it to be replaced by another robot?