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February 22, 2017

Birmingham and the World of Tomorrow

Birmingham and the World of Tomorrow

Futureproof Bama’s March Meetup Announcement

Recently, Fast Company published an article titled, “Bet You Didn’t See This Coming: 10 Jobs That Will Be Replaced By Robots.”

While only briefly touching each of the ten jobs, the author gave examples of what made each susceptible to displacement. The jobs span several industries and range from Insurance Underwriters/Claims Representatives, Bank Tellers, Financial Analyst, Construction Workers, Inventory Managers/Workers, and Taxi Drivers. All of which, according to the article, are up for displacement within the next ten years.

What would that Birmingham even look like? Will Birmingham thrive when its businesses no longer need so many of its employees? Is it the Birmingham we are building towards or was it always our destiny?

Futureproof Bama Founder Taylor Phillips

Futureproof Bama’s Founder, Taylor Phillips, presenting during the first Meetup

Join our Founder, Taylor Phillips, as he discusses “Birmingham in the World of Tomorrow.” We will also give updates on Futureproof Bama (via LinkedIn)and the rest of Year One. (Hint: Forming “Futureproof Bama Chapters” across the state!)

Meetup Details:

Our Birmingham Meetup will be at Fetch Talent (3027 6th Ave. S) on March 14th at 6 pm. This is a free event to attend and made possible by the team at Fetch ( for hosting the Meetup.