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December 6, 2016

Announcing Nonprofit to Benefit All of Alabama

Nonprofit for protecting Alabama

There has been growing evidence to prove that innovations in the fields of Robotics and Artifical Intelligence will lead to both a revolutionary success for businesses and devastating crisis for the workforce.

The United Nations Conference on Trade And Development recently reported “…the “share of occupations that could experience significant automation is actually higher in developing countries than in more advanced ones”… and this concerns about two-thirds of all jobs.”

While this report focuses on the effect of what robotics and automation will have on developing countries, especially those as a group, it points to a growing concern.

Which jobs are affected by these new technologies and how many people will be displaced by them?

In 2015, reported that the top job on Alabama job boards, more than four thousand job postings, were for truck driving.  Truck driving is incredibly important to the types of industries found across Alabama, especially when you consider the states focus on manufacturing. With this job being in demand, it is enticing more and more Alabama residents to commit the often significant investment in purchasing a personal truck. A proud moment for many, but will it end up be a wise investment?

Jump to 2016, and now the LA Times is now reporting that Autonomous Trucks like those created by Uber owned startup, Otto, are set to displace more than 1.7 million truck drivers across the country.

This displacement could be devastating to Alabama. According to Indeed, at the time of this posting, the average salary for truck drivers across the state is about $52,000 and is 1% higher than the nationwide average. This number easily moves these families into the middle class. This same idea about the dangers to the middle class was recently echoed by Stephen Hawkings when he said that the middle class would be decimated by these latest innovations.

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So where does Alabama go from here?

Today we have filed our nonprofit paperwork to start our mission aimed to help all of Alabama, with our Futureproof Bama initiative.

With this initiative, we will firstly focus on the state of Alabama. Secondly, we look to raise awareness for a pending workforce crisis, encourage businesses to continue to innovate and do so in-state, and get Alabama ready for working in the new economy.

Just as bulletproof vest protects its wearer, together we will futureproof Alabama together.

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